Russell and the tough break

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Russell and the Tough Break

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About the book

When Russell gets injured during the opening game, he's angry and feels defeated. But with the help of his friends and the support of his team, he learns that sometimes life's toughest challenges can become our greatest strengths. Will Russell find a way to adapt and make a comeback on the football field? Can he still be a valuable teammate even when he can't play? Can he overcome his many setbacks?

Russell and the Tough Break is an action-packed story about learning how to get up when you get knocked down, using tough times to grow stronger, and the power of leaning on good friends to help you through.

"Game Time: Russell and the Tough Break is a fun read for the entire family! The characters are current and relatable, yet teach timeless lessons of rising above self-pity and championing the greater good. Highly recommended for all young athletes who will inevitably face obstacles in sports and life." - Cindy Chang Mahlberg, former Denver Bronco Cheerleader

What people are saying about the book!

Christine, 2nd grade teacher, Fort Collins, CO

"Meghan's presentation for our second graders was spot on! She was energetic and engaging while advising our students on the process of writing a book. They have been excited to read her book and are looking forward to her next one!"

Ms. Page, 2nd grade teacher, Denver, CO

"Meghan was absolutely amazing! She was engaging, and captivated my class with her enthusiasm and love for reading and writing. Meghan connects to students with her personal stories, and explains how personal experiences can translate into vivid writing. My students had such an incredible time, and can't wait to read her next book!"

Sandy, Media Coordinator, Loveland, CO

"Meghan's visit to our school was amazing! She came dressed in her hockey gear and was so engaging and fun with the kids. They loved hearing her read the first chapter, and they absolutely loved the shootout and prizes at the end. Thank you for a great visit!"

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